Cosmic Revenge

Make the galaxies great again!

Cosmic Revenge is an arcade mobile game. The player makes an alliance with planets to save them from evil invaders. The player plays with 3D planets in the goal of preventing the creatures from destroying the cosmic planets!

« Due to the invasion of the Gummies the universe is in shambles. The planets are tired of these creatures that destroy, trample, make noise, pollute everything in their path. Help the cosmic planets and avenge them by creating tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and many other devastating powers! Swipe the planets to send all the Gummies back into space! »


In the core team: Théo Sabattié, Chadi Husser, Camille Richard (gameplay programmers),
Aristide Hersant-Prévert (musics and sounds designer), Lise Hennequin (game artist), Arthur Peralta (game designer)

and in the original student team: Louis Gaillard and Aurélien Courbil (game designer), Alix Le Trividic and Maureen Fradon (game artists), Guillaume Cazelles (producer)


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